Our Textiles

*The Wayuu people have used the Kanas weaving technique to express the values ​​of their culture and the vibrance of their community.

These textiles are unique and irreplaceable and form part of the day-to-day of Wayuu women, who weave with the sound and the breeze of the sea, and the dessert as a their landscape, making this art something unique, full of energy and worth admiring.  

We offer 3 tones of weavings on our styles Siki and Paloa: Bright tones, Earth tones and Pastel tones...choose which ever suits your vibe. Each weaving comes from a different set of artisan hands, there will never be two pairs exactly alike...Making them exclusively unique and one of a kind.



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The Wayuu community, indigenous people living in the Guajira peninsula, are the creators of the colors and patterns embodied in our textiles. Descendants of the Arawak (indigenous people who emigrated from the Amazon to the Guajira in 150 BC) who settled on the Colombian - Venezuelan border, with their native language "Wayunaiki" (spoken to this day).

Tells the legend of the Wayuu community of a spider "Walekeru" Who taught women the weaving technique of "kanas", which consists of weaving with geometric shapes and vivid colors, and soon became the maximum expression of their culture.


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Gypsetter Life's Mission

Gypsetter Life’s mission is to create a unique product that combines the sophistication of high-end fashion with the beauty and craftsmanship of indigenous tribes around the world.

Gypsetter Life donates 10% of their profits to different communities to help them sustain and improve their standards of living.

Through the selling of their product, Gypsetter's Life goal is to both bring awareness to the issues affecting indigenous communities around the world and to work actively to help improve communities living conditions while preserving their beautiful and unique craftsmanship skills.


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Our Products

Every year Gypsetter Life will create a new line inspired by different indigenous groups with a portion of the proceeds going to that ethnic community.

For this year’s collection, GSL has created a line inspired by Wayuu artisans.  

Each design tells a story through its patterns and colors. By buying these boots you are also giving back and helping us to empower ethnic communities to develop their skills and have a better standard of living.

The Wayuu inspired designs will be available for the 2017/2018 collection only.

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The Project

The project is committed to giving back to the indigenous tribes that inspire their designs.

Our project is an effort to help improve the living conditions for the traditional weavers and the local tanneries, their families and the community. GSL plans to go into various indigenous communities to determine what families are struggling with and see how they can help out.

After it is determined where the largest impact can be made, a portion of the proceeds will go towards providing these necessities to a group of individuals.  The goal is to make their lives easier and help them not to only sustain their living but flourish while preserving their culture most importantly.

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